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Best Friends Forever!

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how old were Louis and John when their parents were married? actually, on that note, how old are Louis and John's parents? (Louis' mom seems a bit younger than John's dad, but maybe thats just me.) I love your comic very much, and I cant wait for the next update!

Freshman year of high school, I think? Like, they got married the summer before the kids started high school. I’m soooo bad with parent-ages, but Krystal is definitely a little younger than Dr.Kingsley…

When i first started reading bff i thought the reason teddy didnt change in front of others was because he was trans tbh.

Hi! I wanted to answer this ask because I’ve heard similar things from a few people, and I wanted everyone to know that while I’m totally 100% excited about fans’ excellent trans headcanons the unfortunate truth is that Teddy is a cis guy. 

I would love if people who identify with him on that level continue to think of him as trans - it definitely doesn’t bother me or anything like that. In fact, I think it would actually be a pretty awesome story! But I also would really hate to transbait (is that a word?) anyone who was hoping for concrete representation with that particular character, so that’s why I’m making an announcement like this. 

As of right now I have a trans guy planned for later in the story, but he hasn’t quite shown up yet. I hope to get to him soon, but if you can’t wait I totally understand! Thanks for reading BFF thus far! (of course if anybody has a problem with anything I’ve said please let me know!!!)

i was wondering if u ever plan to sell BFF comic as a comic book?if u did id totally buy it uvu

I don’t think so, sorry! I just think it’d be too weird for a comic book to turn into like a sketchy script after 13 chapters. I could go back and re-do the beginning in this new format (and I would LOVE to write BFF a new beginning, trust me), but like… it’s weird thinking of opening a book up to like, sketches and half a janky script.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super proud of my recent work for BFF! I just can’t see it in print form, unless I presented it something sort of like… a light novel, I guess? I don’t know how to communicate that concept for a western market, though. I would prefer to work with some kind of publishing editor or agent because I’m way too good at stopping myself from doing things, and my text-writing ain’t so hot - but I can’t imagine who on earth would take a weird project like this! I had some interest when it was still a comic, but like I said, that’s not the case anymore unfortunately.  :(

Sorry for going on a bit, I get this question a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever really properly explained myself. I appreciate that people want to buy BFF as a book or something, and I LOVEEE printing things, I really wish I could give it to you!

Hi! I was looking at your past sketched and rereading past chapters (because i am hopelessly obsessed with your comic) and Im curious as to what kind of relationship Louis has with his dad. You described his father as "more interested in work and designer suits than other human beings" in a sketch, which made him seem like him and Louis would have a bad relationship, but his mom said he wanted to work with his dad, which would imply a good relationship. I'm really curious! c:

Well, I won’t say too much because Louis’ dad actually becomes an important character later so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn about him, but - Louis and his dad both like each other a lot. 

Keep in mind what kind of person Louis is - likes to mess with people and make them mad, prefers to have hookups rather than what other people would consider “serious relationships” - he’s usually not too interested in deeply connecting with other human beings either! He and his dad actually have a lot in common - Louis aspires to be more like his dad, honestly.

And as long as Louis accepts material possessions and money as “love currency”, Louis’ dad feels like he shows Louis a great deal of affection too. Louis also considers him a “cool dad” because he lets him do things that are probably a bit irresponsible, and doesn’t really get mad at him or anything like that. 

I’m not sure if it’s what I personally would want as a “good” relationship, but it works for them. Thank you for reading BFF!

Hello! I really love your story. I have a question; what's the relationship between Louis and his step-dad like? Neither John or his dad seem to dislike Louis or anything, but Louis is kind of flamboyant and very openly gay. So does John's dad just tolerate him because he's his wife's son, or does he care about him at all?

This is an interesting question! Louis’ mom was really a source of comfort for Dr.Kingsley during a tough time, so he sort of latched onto her (kind of like John latched on to him - those Kingsley men can be secretly clingy!) so he did what he could to carve out a place for her in his life - and that includes tolerating Louis. (similarly, he sort of threatened John that if he gave his new step-brother any trouble, he’d get in trouble - sort of confusing for John when he had just cast out everything girly in his life!)

So, in the beginning, he really was just tolerating Louis as an extension of his new love interest. But I think they’ve grown to have an OK relationship. Louis is pretty charming, he’s sharp and enjoys mocking people, which Kingsley gets. Coming from a very metropolitan life, there’s also a lot of novelty in some of Kingsley’s more outdoorsy hobbies (hunting, lakehouse and camping type stuff) for Louis. They bond over the fact that Louis is just interested and attentive during these activities (compared to John, who isn’t really very good at that stuff, and having grown up with it he’s kind of over it. He tries, but Louis is just a better shot! They bond the most over making jabs at John, probably………..)

Kingsley will definitely never understand Louis’ being gay, but Louis obviously doesn’t try to go to him with boy trouble or anything, and it’s not like Kingsley throws around slurs and stuff. If he ever does say anything to make him feel uncomfortable, all Louis has to do is roll his eyes and his mom will pout and get Kingsley apologizing in no time. 

Don’t forget that Louis also normally hangs out with John and the football bros, so he has an unusually high tolerance for straight-boy bullshit.

Wow sorry this answer got so long! But you were curious, right? LOL ;;

how does louis' bed work?

It’s a nook bed - there’s a little space (nook) built into the wall for the bed, like this:

My friend Abby also pointed out to me that it also resembles the bed from the movie Cruel Intentions, which was not, um, intentional, but it is hilarious.

Hey does Vincent have any siblings?


can you tell us the height of your characters? (like approximately)

I’m soooo bad with heights, I mostly go off of things like “Teddy is up to Vincent’s shoulders, Louis is about Vincent’s height with his hair poof” etc etc… Vincent was supposed to be like 6’2” at one point but I think he might even be taller than that…? Teddy and Vincent were supposed to be about foot apart, but I’m not… so sure about that… man, I have no idea. Here’s most of the characters height-ranked, though. This is probably not super accurate buuuut I TRIED…

  1. Vincent
  2. Silent Guy
  3. Teddy’s Dad
  4. John
  5. Andre
  6. Louis
  7. Kamri
  8. Teddy’s Mom
  9. Bianca
  10. Teddy/Kennedy
  11. Penelope


what is Teddy thinking about I wonder.