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If John don't like girly things why is he so cool hanging out with his step brother,Louis?

Because his dad was hot for Louis’ mom and told John if he gave him any trouble he’d be in trouble. Since Louis is charming and outgoing and they’re like practically roommates I think John eventually just got used to him, and then sort of warmed up to him. 

PS, it’s not that John actually dislikes things that perceived as girly, just that he feels compelled to push them away for his dad’s sake. Since his dad isn’t really home all that much, what he and Louis do when they’re just hanging out together is a little more relaxed. 

PPS - I might start waiting to answer questions til a certain day (always on Fridays, or something!) or start some sort of ask blog - I feel like I’m spamming with asks lately! What do you guys think? 

Just want to ask what Dr. Bijapur thinks about Vincent. They're pretty close but I cant say just how. Is this under the spoiler clause??

Dr. Bijapur likes Vincent. He thinks he’s a good influence on Teddy. Since Vincent’s dad isn’t around, Dr.B like lowkey sees himself as like a Adult Male Role Model Figure in Vincent’s life. Vincent actually does kind of look up to him that way, but I don’t know if Dr.B has really done anything meaningful for him other than like, paying for things here and there. 

so are john and louis kind of a thing??? that last collab sketch of them was pretty intimate but i thought they were related

They are not (blood) related or a thing.

so did Louis ACTUALLY blow Andre? Or was he just joking to freak out John?


been meaning to collab with katie forever and we finally did it!! we drew john and louis from my comic - I sketched it, she did the inks + flat colors, i put some color shading and some overlays, and then she did the cute highlights + bg!!
it was a total honor meeting her and hanging out with her at SPX earlier this month, I hope we can do a lot more stuff together because I am soooo jazzed about how this turned out!!! LOOK AT HOW COOL THIS IS
What is the relationship between Vincent and his parents?

hmm, I won’t say too much because this will come up a lot in later chapters, but Vincent lives with just his mom, and they don’t get along very well at all…

If Louis and Bianca arm wrestled, who would win??

Bianca, no contest!!! 

Best Friends Forever


Disclaimer: I kind of assume most slash comics are written by self-identified women. Generally I can tell if they’re not through the art style and delivery, but if I happen to make the mistake of mis-gendering someone, please let me know.

Best Friends Forever


Grade: A


Summary (from the website): Best Friends Forever is a (b)romantic dramedy about a dirt-poor quarterback and the nerd-chic president of the student council trying to hold their unlikely friendship together - despite the suspicions & meddling of their frustrating classmates.

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This is SUCH a thoughtful review, I’m totally blushing! Thank you for your kind words and for spending your time thinking & understanding my story - I really, really appreciate it.


so I’ve been meaning to draw up some BFF fanart for… FOREVER… Specifically of Louis because he is The Best and I feel a deep connection akin to a mother’s love for this brat <3I’ve been following this comic for a long time and it’s been incredible seeing it evolve. Mickey is an amazing artist and writer, the characters have so much depth and I just CANNOT recommend this comic enough. If you haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and READ BFF.

hospitalvespers said: i hope silent guy just tweets ‘…’

I think his twitter is just 100% emoji LOL