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Best Friends Forever!

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I really want to know if vincent is going to confess his feelings for teddy in the near future~

What motivated you to make this webcomic and what advice would you give someone who is slightly interested in the idea?

hi, i wrote an advice post on starting a webcomic here! I was just really obsessed with the characters and wanted my friends and others to hear their story!

oh god I am SOOO bad at answering this type of question. for some reason it’s really easy for me to imagine everyone interacting, but when it comes to personal favorites… gosh. okay I’m gonna try but if I need any of these to change for the story they will change:
teddy - I’ve always thought he listens to modern music with like poetic/semi-pretentious/historical-vibe lyrics? like his shirt in the bday chapter that was a parody on The Decemberists kind of hits the mark…
vincent - i’ve always thought that he learned music just from like copying what was on the radio so i think he’s actually kind of into pop music. and knows a good amount about like 80’s/90’s rock music! he’s not like a music snob type of guy though.
louis - dance music?? dance pop. like lady gaga when lady gaga was popular. i dont know what people dance to nowadays
john - like really Man Music you know. like “classic” rock dad stuff
kamri - probably similar to Louis, but I can see her also listening to less-dancey just normal pop stuff, and also some popular rap. she probably keeps up with whats actually cool/trendy in music, actually
penelope - 50’s/60’s pop music!! and maybe some modern homage bands like The Pipettes and whatever
was there anybody else you wanted to know about??? AHHH
OMG he was Canadian for a second, and also southern American because I liked the accent but……..
as of right now, he’s from California. but maybe they moved there from Canada when Louis was little. I can kind of see his mom having grown up in Canada….??? I DONT KNOW
i had like a whole joke comic about him being from Canada, too. I REALLY CONSIDERED THIS BUT
how did the characters (any of them) develop as you created the story? were there changes in appearance or personality, i love hearing about those. also im super in love with your art and your comic you were one of my first inspiration for trying to get into webcomic making!

well I always joke that every chapter Vincent’s pecs and Teddy’s nose get bigger (that’s actually like. kind of true tho. I don’t know why!)

I think everybody’s changed from the start! I try to be open to changing/rearranging things as I go along, it’s more fun for me that way. I don’t think it really ever made it into the comic, but Vincent used to be kind of mean, or at least more snarky. Now he’s more like a grumpy baby… Teddy got a little bit more of an edge to him, too. 

John like didn’t even have a name when he first appeared!? And he definitely didn’t have a step-brother. Actually, for like two seconds John and Louis were almost twins (very scary)

yikes, I could probably go on forever! 

1) not really! I think I try not to do this, really, I’d be embarrassed if someone found out I based a character on them?? I do use like, individual things though. Like, someone close to me had an open online relationship, so I ended up using that for Penelope’s plot.
2) MOOP I don’t have dash-notes enabled so if this had a part 1 I didn’t see it :(((
3) TEDDY teddy. teddy. he’s like my go-to default baby.
cmonnnn ask me more
Idk If you got this Before but how did you come up with BFF. Did you have any artistic and story inspirations

bff is actually technically a spin off! when I was in like 8th grade forever ago, I had this comic called “Language of Flowers” about a guy who wanted to impress a girl by joining the gardening club at Victoria High. Teddy and Vincent (albeit, very different characters back then) were secondary characters. I ended up getting so enamored with Vincent and Teddy and their relationship that drawing and coming up with stories about them ended up distracting me from drawing the actual Language of Flowers comic. For a while I just drew them for myself/my friends, but something pushed me to make a new webcomic! 

I have SO many artistic inspirations, but I really like mid-century “retro” style cartooning, Andre Franquin’s comics, and also american cartoons like Kim Possible, My Life as a Teenage Robot and Sym-Bionic Titan. (well, SBT is a little recent to list as an “influence”, but I just like it a whole lot LOL.) I also think of stuff while watching teen drama TV like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. and I’ve always been really inspired and influenced by Ouran High School Host Club!

oops this answer became long I’m sorry!

bffcomic: bored during class right now

anybody have any questions or comments for me about the comic?? gimme something to think about while this ancient prof drones on please!!

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if enough people joined the BFF Comic Patreon and regularly donated would we possibly get SG Fanservice? Just thought I'd ask.

i laughed for a long time at this question just because silent guy’s little fangroup is so unexpected to me

but sure - once you become a patron you get access to the little area on Patreon where you can see secret posts & leave comments/suggestions - so if patrons suggested that, of course I’d draw it!! not just SG, but anybody/anything! if you’re a patron please make sure to leave me comments of what you want to see!

and anybody - patron or not  - can leave requests in this askbox anytime they want! i may or may not draw it, but if you say something specific (the more specific the better) there’s a chance i might sketch it during class or for a warm-up!! 



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