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Best Friends Forever!

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If Louis and Bianca arm wrestled, who would win??

Bianca, no contest!!! 

Best Friends Forever


Disclaimer: I kind of assume most slash comics are written by self-identified women. Generally I can tell if they’re not through the art style and delivery, but if I happen to make the mistake of mis-gendering someone, please let me know.

Best Friends Forever


Grade: A


Summary (from the website): Best Friends Forever is a (b)romantic dramedy about a dirt-poor quarterback and the nerd-chic president of the student council trying to hold their unlikely friendship together - despite the suspicions & meddling of their frustrating classmates.

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This is SUCH a thoughtful review, I’m totally blushing! Thank you for your kind words and for spending your time thinking & understanding my story - I really, really appreciate it.


so I’ve been meaning to draw up some BFF fanart for… FOREVER… Specifically of Louis because he is The Best and I feel a deep connection akin to a mother’s love for this brat <3I’ve been following this comic for a long time and it’s been incredible seeing it evolve. Mickey is an amazing artist and writer, the characters have so much depth and I just CANNOT recommend this comic enough. If you haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and READ BFF.

hospitalvespers said: i hope silent guy just tweets ‘…’

I think his twitter is just 100% emoji LOL

do u have any random facts about the characters that never come up in the comic? like quirks or secret obsessions. im curious.

sorry, to be honest I’m really bad at coming up with little things like this! I think about characters a lot more generally… if you ask me something like what’s their favorite X or do they prefer A or B I could probably answer, but I don’t know random things right off the bat… I’m gonna try, though!

Oh, maybe this is something? I’ve always thought Vincent is a scaredy-cat when it comes to like, ghosts and stuff. Like, superstitious, maybe? I think I also once said he really likes French Vanilla ice cream. As alluded to in the comic, his car was given to him by Teddy’s dad… Dr.Bijapur picked that color because it’s the Victoria High color, and Vincent’s the QB so he should have school spirit, right?

Teddy likes to read, he reads “classic” literature and like best-seller’s list books equally. He tries to read very grown-up books, he hasn’t read like YA for a very long time. He straightens his hair every morning - he doesn’t mind his natural curls/waves himself, so likes having that option, but doesn’t feel properly styled without the straightening.

Louis is a big fan of Lady Gaga, I think he met her once or twice. Despite being from California, he’s never had much of a tan - he has the kind of skin that just gets burned, so he goes to exorbitant lengths to keep it porcelain pale.

John likes video games, but we know that already… He has one of those dweeby like gaming computer stations? I kind of mentioned this in another ask, but his dad has taken him on a yearly hunting trip since he was really young - despite this, he’s a terrible shot. 

Andre’s interest outside of football is photography, he’s in AP art classes. He takes a lot of the photos for the yearbook club… and yeah, a lot of them end up being of himself…

Silent Guy loves Twitter.

Kamri has traveled to the most countries - she’s really good at travelling, and even though she loves a good 5-star spa package, she could totally do the whole backpacking thing too. She likes to buy bracelets at weird little foreign markets and bazaars. 

Bianca is on the most sports teams of any of the characters, and is the captain of more than one of them. She’s surprisingly close to some of the boys from spending hours in the gym with them. Don’t let her petite body fool you, she can lift! It’s all lean muscle! She’s obsessed with the Olympics.

Penelope was a tomboy when she was younger. She didn’t discover how much she loved retro glam and dressing up until pretty recently. She’s the only girl who hasn’t been through debutante cotillion yet, being the youngest character. 

…okay that’s all I got for now! Hope this is interesting for you!

to be honest i guessed the part about teddy and john being friends - but since teddy seems so afraid of vincent liking him, i assumed that john had liked teddy and then their friend relationship got destroyed from the fallout and teddy was afraid of it happening again. whoops! :P would you mind answering why teddy is so afraid of vincent liking him, or is that a spoiler?

teddy isn’t afraid of vincent liking him - he doesn’t think it’s possible. that’s all I’ll say! :)

how does custody work between Louis' parents? You mentioned he used to live with his dad, but now he lives with his mom and step-dad. all this talk about Louis' parents is making me curious!

Louis’ dad gets him on holidays, breaks, and summer vacation, mom gets him when school is in session. It’s okay, I love answering questions LOL!

just expanding on the previous ask, but Dr. Kingsley met Krystal around the time John started middle school since that's when John's mom became ill. So did John and Louis first meet around the time their parents got married, or did they know each other before that point?

Their parents introduced them before they got engaged, but they didn’t start living together until high school. Remember, Louis and his mom used to live in Cali with his dad, she didn’t bring Louis to the east coat until after she had been seeing Dr.Kingsley for a while. 

how old were Louis and John when their parents were married? actually, on that note, how old are Louis and John's parents? (Louis' mom seems a bit younger than John's dad, but maybe thats just me.) I love your comic very much, and I cant wait for the next update!

Freshman year of high school, I think? Like, they got married the summer before the kids started high school. I’m soooo bad with parent-ages, but Krystal is definitely a little younger than Dr.Kingsley…

When i first started reading bff i thought the reason teddy didnt change in front of others was because he was trans tbh.

Hi! I wanted to answer this ask because I’ve heard similar things from a few people, and I wanted everyone to know that while I’m totally 100% excited about fans’ excellent trans headcanons the unfortunate truth is that Teddy is a cis guy. 

I would love if people who identify with him on that level continue to think of him as trans - it definitely doesn’t bother me or anything like that. In fact, I think it would actually be a pretty awesome story! But I also would really hate to transbait (is that a word?) anyone who was hoping for concrete representation with that particular character, so that’s why I’m making an announcement like this. 

As of right now I have a trans guy planned for later in the story, but he hasn’t quite shown up yet. I hope to get to him soon, but if you can’t wait I totally understand! Thanks for reading BFF thus far! (of course if anybody has a problem with anything I’ve said please let me know!!!)