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Best Friends Forever!

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how does louis' bed work?

It’s a nook bed - there’s a little space (nook) built into the wall for the bed, like this:

My friend Abby also pointed out to me that it also resembles the bed from the movie Cruel Intentions, which was not, um, intentional, but it is hilarious.

Hey does Vincent have any siblings?


can you tell us the height of your characters? (like approximately)

I’m soooo bad with heights, I mostly go off of things like “Teddy is up to Vincent’s shoulders, Louis is about Vincent’s height with his hair poof” etc etc… Vincent was supposed to be like 6’2” at one point but I think he might even be taller than that…? Teddy and Vincent were supposed to be about foot apart, but I’m not… so sure about that… man, I have no idea. Here’s most of the characters height-ranked, though. This is probably not super accurate buuuut I TRIED…

  1. Vincent
  2. Silent Guy
  3. Teddy’s Dad
  4. John
  5. Andre
  6. Louis
  7. Kamri
  8. Teddy’s Mom
  9. Bianca
  10. Teddy/Kennedy
  11. Penelope


what is Teddy thinking about I wonder.
Hii :) Could you please explain Penelope and Teddy's relationship. Because she mentioned that she has a boyfriend already and still she is dating Teddy. How is Teddy dealing with that?

Seems a few people are confused about this so I’ll explain a little more! Penelope is able to like and have a relationship with multiple people at once. Her boyfriend knows she dates other people, and he does the same. This couple doesn’t feel like intimate physical contact with people outside their relationship weakens or invalidates their partnership. They make sure to tell other potential partners they meet about their arrangement. 

As for Teddy’s feelings - he did say before that he’s not “head over heels with her” and that he only wanted to have some experience dating before college, and being a “side boy” isn’t the worst way to go about doing that.

Penelope is obviously a very caring person with lots of love to go around, and she’s trying her best to make Teddy feel comfortable about some of his problems with physical intimacy.

Because of his insecurities, he was definitely a little disappointed that Penelope didn’t have a serious “crush” on him - kind of just one of those things where he thought “oh, of course she wouldn’t really like me :(” (even though she likes him very much! Just not as much as her boyfriend, LOL)

I hope that answers your question! I’m a little sad when people leave comments about Penny being a “cheater” and things along those lines, so hopefully this clears some things up for people. 

(sorry this answer became long!! thank you for reading BFF!)


A small pixel gif I made. Louis is one of my favorite characters from the comic Bff.
Please say it isn't so, teddy will not be replaced by Louis? Please please pleas :<

Replaced as what?? Teddy will always be part of the main duo, don’t worry! Next half-chapter is mostly about Teddy, too. Remember there is a tonnnn of the story left - don’t think anything is done just yet!