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Best Friends Forever OUTFIT CONTEST!


Since the BFF Facebook Page just reached 1000 likes, I figured its time to have our first big contest! You could win all the merchandise sold in the store (even the sold-out stuff!

The task for the contest will be designing an outfit for a BFF character, which may be used in a future chapter! Descriptions of the different character’s styles can be found after the Read More!



1 Grand Prize: 1 Party Print + 2 SECRET NEW PRINTS!, 4 Keychains OR cellphone charms: Vincent, Teddy, Louis and John, 2 sticker sheets 

… and Runners-Up (as many as I decide) will get sticker sheets!

Ways to Enter:

1. Polyvore: a website that lets you make clothing collages online! Info on finding men’s clothing on Polyvore.

2. Draw: draw your outfit! Please don’t put too much effort into a fine painting, all entries will judged on the fashion style and not technique/execution/art things. 

3. Photoset/Photoshop Collage/Etc: If you can figure out a way to put a bunch of different clothing pictures together and show it to me, I’ll probably accept it!


1. You must show an entire outfit. That means at least a shirt, pants, (or a dress) and shoes… and whatever else you choose!

2. You can enter as many times as you like, for different characters or the same character over and over.

3. Your outfit can be for any occasion/situation - casual, formal, a spin on their school uniforms, beachwear, etc…

4. Post it on Tumblr with the tag #bffcomicoutfit - if you don’t have a Tumblr you can email me your entry at mickequ(at) 

5. Just to reiterate, all entries will judged on the fashion style and not technique/execution/art things/anything else. It’ll all have to do with how much I like your outfit!

6. The contest ends JULY 1ST, 2013

7. If you win the grand prize or a runner-up, I may use your outfit in a future chapter!


Teddy: nerd-chic, splashes of bright colors, layers, ties & bow-ties - doesn’t like to wear short sleeves or short shorts. 

Vincent: laid-back, jeans-and-sneakers, nothing flashy

Penelope: retro, classic, feminine, swirly hairstyles

John: comfortable, sports-related, including varsity jacket!!

Louis: label-lover, flashy, neons, black/greys

Kamri: simple, sexy, metallic, lots of bracelets, splashes of bright

Dr.B: classic, mature, neutral & deep/understated colors

Kennedy: girly, cute, pastels/light colors and silver/gold

Bianca: preppy, clean-cut, athletic

Andre: tight-fitting/low cut shirts, expensive accessories, brand-name jeans 

"Silent Guy": unremarkable, unfashionable, comfortable